The Lincolnshire Poacher Episode 3 - Flashback

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Description: Allen Greene, the Lincolnshire Poacher, has worked for Home Office for four years. He did not sign-on willingly. Now Greene finds himself doing a job for the man who cornered him into leaving his old life behind. A job that brings hm face-to-face with the people who put a kill order on him. This is the third episode of The Lincolnshire Poacher radio drama series, currently running on TMOA Radio Theater. No pictures for your eyes...just for your mind. Check out the Radio Theater forum if you want to get involved with your own story. Featuring Sparky as Allen Greene, AnotherNewDawn as Nick Carver, Macweymss as Tommy Cochran, Benjamin Tuttle as Winston, and Andy as Bonker. Music by Peter M. Adamson and David Keith Jones. Special music by Flanagan’s Fog.