Con The Don - The Don Of The Dead

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Description: In this Halloween special episode of Con the Don.... "Whilst out trick or treating for Mafia Halloween, Con the Don, Harry the Hitman and Sammy the secretary, find themselves in a spot of bother, when they are caught by police after Harry brings back a dead body he received as a "treat" from the mysterious haunted house down the road. It's up to Con the Don to investigate the haunted house and it's mysterious owner, in order to solve the mystery of the dead body and to prove their innocence!" CAST: Andy Inc as Everybody Music from Incompetech Various SFX from ------------------------------------------------ Made with The Movies game, Con the Don is a comedy series of short episodes following the life of Con Materazzi, Don of the powerful Flaming Spades Mafia Family of Melbourne. Along with Harry, his amateur hitman from Alabama, Sammy his secretary, and a host of colorful characters he meets along the way - come along for the ride with the Don as he often finds himself in the midst of wild and wacky adventures!
Categories: Comedy