The Elf Knight and The Faerie Queene

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Description: Set to World Tree Music's song of Scarborough Fair (and Overture) a traditional ballad of Great Britain that presents a tale of unrequited love as a young man tells the listener to ask his former love to perform a series of impossible tasks, such as making him a cambric shirt without a seam and washing it in a dry well, if she completes the tasks he will take her back.... In this version sung by Gretchen Cornwall of World Tree Music, the roles are reversed, the singing narrator and task setter is the young woman herself. The ballad appears to have derived from an earlier Scottish ballad 'The Elfin Knight' and the song's origins could also have connections with Spencer's Faerie Queene and the Elfin Knight therein. For more details please see my Blog The Dance Of Life, here ( )
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