Flash Eaters Hell on Earth

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Description: This is the 3rd movie of Rise of the Dead. I like to thank Fraasmovies for-tank pack & blood puddle Mr Poe for-Zombie makeup Spaceman72 for-Sub prop & underwater backdrop Walvince for-body parts &road prop alphdrop for-navy officer custom ubernewbie for-Sniper rifle Bountdoom for-widescreen v2.0 Slikere for-Zombie hands overlays Johan sturk'smods Evil lab set Busstopwilly's for-latexhead zombie head & accident head pack Tarison's for-blue screen sets Dr house for scense for bluescreen 8 EYED BABY SKINSHACK FRAASMOVIE DC MODDING Music by Kevinp & Chris62 Soundeffects-Chris62 & tmo VO'S BY Chris62 & tony cj julia
Categories: Horror
Tags: Zombie horror