Kate Lees The Afflicted

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Description: The year is 51 PD (Post Disaster). Thanks to having been changed by genetic engineering, mankind is on a fast recovery from the devastation. But what are the consequences of the change? This film is a re-make of Kate Lee's classic 'The Movies' film 'The Afflicted', which was first released in february 2006, and was the runner-up at the Bitfilm festival that year. I am very happy that she allowed me to re-envision it for the Industry 101 competition, staged by Jase and A_N_D. The original movie still is one of my favourite stories told in machinima (and not only in machinima), the story exploring what makes us human; and it has been, and still is, a huge inspiration to me. I hope I have done it justice. Cast: Goofparade - Terbing Mochan - Palia Steelblade - Kaen MrsGuppi - Doctor sisch - Treen filmed in Moviestorm and The Movies S&E Moviestorm mods by AngriBhuddist - Fulkster - Chris Ollis - Reptor7 - Davidwww The Movies S&E mods MikeDBoing - Tarison/MarvellousGuppi - Daninsky Original soundtrack by Sherwin Liu directed by sisch
Categories: Science Fiction Drama