Voyages of the Sojourner: Part 2 of 3

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Description: The Voyages of the Sojourner trilogy is a sci-fi adventure movie in a Steampunk theme. It follows the adventures and explorations of the HMS Sojourner under the command of Captain Phineas Aknussen. In part 2, the renowned pirate Phelonius (played by JohnnyEx) and his sidekick, the beautiful Ondarag (played by Cathy Anm8r) sets an ambush The Cast in Order of Appearance Capt Steubing - Shalako Phineas Aknussen - Killian Silas - Peter Martin Eidwynn - Jakechief Arianna - Dulci Duchess - Duchess110 Phelonious - JohnnyEx Ondarag - Anim8r Cathy First Officer Rodrigo - Macwemyss Singing Rodrigo - Norrie Lord Azael - Ricky Grove Lady Azael - Alley Johann De Martini - played by special guest John Martin II Story and Animation AnimaTechnica Special Thanks to Ricky Grove for his tireless efforts in sound engineering Credits Costume Design - AnimaTechnica Custom Meshes - BigBoss Duchess costume - by Alley Wayfarer airship, props - Popeye, coolclones, clones2go Musical Score Antonin Dvorak - Symphony no.9 Cherry Ann Fulton -"Marsh of Ruddlan' Pro Scores 'Sky Elves'