Joe the Plumber: Unplugged

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Description: This video is based on a true event. Joe The Plumber, appeared at an event held by the Media Research Center and told the crowd "I'm horny". The first 25 seconds of this video is as close of an approximation to the real event that I could create in MovieStorm (Don't they wear flannel shirts in the UK? I mean come on! Wardrobe!). After that you are never going to guess where it goes....well actually you probably will. This was supposed to be a little diversion to see if I could throw together a little short in one night. 5 days later after adding some actual production values, here it is. Credits: Music: Proud to be an American Lee Greenwood Mods: New Nun Costumes Concordy32 Sound Effects: Applause oniwe at Machinima "Toolbox" MovieStorm The Movies Sony Vegas Sony SoundForge Audacity
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