Lord of the Bathroom Trailer

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Description: Hello, everybody! Welcome to my entry into Mefune's trailer competition! Woohoo! Sypnosis: It's basically a spoof from Lord of the Rings Cast: Showgar the Shower: Blazeleedragon JoeJack: Orky Knight: Blazeleedragon King: Blazeleedragon Narrator: Orky Follower: Bella Dragon: Bella Sir Whooshma the Toilet: RogerSimian Music: Heavy Interlude music by Incomputech Exciting Trailer music by Incomputech Chanter music by Incomputech Overlays: Matneee's Dragon overlay A TPK production presents overlay: TPK; kitty in a Poptart box courtesy of MSN images. Lord of the Bathroom overlay: TPK; Plunger image courtesy of MSN images. Darkness overlay: CDG Sets: Hell Set: Comcphee Castle Front Set: Patella Castle Bedroom Set: Patella Castle Corridor Set: Patella Costumes: Concord Costume: Sprw Sounds: Ole’s sound horn Ozman’s fart sound If I forgot anything, or anybody, please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks! Appreciate it! Enjoy! TPK
Categories: Fantasy Action Comedy