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Description: This is the video for my third entry into the TMOA Idol 3 Competition. Now that I finally(!) have a new mic, I have re-recorded the song and, I hope, cleaned up the audio significantly. That means I can no longer blame my singing on the mic (oh shucks!). For those interested, the following cartoons were used in the making of the video: BALLOT BOX BUNNY BASEBALL BUGS BIG HOUSE BUNNY BULLY FOR BUGS HIGH DIVING HARE LONG-HAIRED HARE MY BUNNY LIES OVER THE SEA RABBIT OF SEVILLE RABBIT SEASONING RABBIT'S KIN WABBIT TWOUBLE WATER, WATER EVERY HARE WHAT'S UP DOC? I have nothing else to add for this year's competition -- other than whatever my songs may have lacked in musicality, I hope I made up for with some entertaining videos.
Categories: Musical Comedy