The Phantom of the West

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Description: My entry for the Winter Newbfest Competition. **Honorable Mentions** -Best Western for the 2009 Ollie Awards -Best Western for the Jakechief Awards -Best Props for the Jakechief Awards Starring Ellie Studio_20 CrossBlades08 BlazeLeeDragon JohnnyEx Cows-Gleem Wooden Fence-Fraas Blue Screens-Tarison Wild West Set Props-Rysto Gallows-Werecool Blood- 6hm Music by Ennio Morricone & Carter Burwell Sometimes the past can catch up with you. When a female outlaw nicknamed as "The Phantom of the West" (Ellie) arrives at a small town, a small town civillian (Studio20) recognizes her and tries to find her.
Categories: Action Westerns Drama