An 18thC Russian Romance

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Description: Nikolai Shermetev & Praskovya 'The Pearl'. Next to the Tsar of Russia, the Sheremetev's were the wealthiest people in 18th Century Russia, owning several palaces in St. Petersberg and Moscow. Count Nikolai Shermetev was the eldest son of Count Pytor and Countess Varvara. Nikolai grew up with a love and talent for theater, music and art, he played the cello and was a consummate actor. Along with his father, he built the "Fountain House" Theater by the Saint Petersberg Palace on the edges of the Fontanka River. This is now a State Museum of Theatre & Music Praskoyva was a serf of the Sheremetev family, brought up as a household servant, but taught to read, speak several languages, & to sing. She was so talented that the Sheremetev's wanted to put her on the stage and encourage her gifts. Count Nikolai fell in love with Praskovya when he saw this remarkably gifted young woman singing & sought to make her both his mistress & artistic protege.. The noble courts of Russia dissaproved of this match between the serf and the wealthy, titled, Count Nikolai. However, Praskovya became a huge star in Russia & was nicknamed, "The Pearl" by her public who admired her talents as an opera singer and actress. When Nikolai's parents passed away, and after 'finding' her a legitimate noble ancestry (allowed by his childhood friend The Tsar) he married Praskovya in 1801. Praskovya by this time was ill with consumption, and died two months after the birth of their son... Countess Praskovya Sheremetev; Firefly Joubert Count Nikloai Shermetev; Mikaele Skytower Russian Nobles; Ainee Kohime, baturron Zimmer, Babette Lane, Cleopatra Carfield, Daisy Batistuta, Freesky Republic, Kailine Baxton, Lord Lisle, Lowe Runo, WilliamH Greymoon. Russian Serfs; Babette Lane, Daisy Batistuta, Freesky Republic, Kailine Baxton, Lord Lisle. Grateful Thanks to The Romanov Imperial Court of Russia SL for use of Antiquity & To Firefly Joubert for use of The Fountain House, Open Source Music via The Internet Archive Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 1. Kohanochka Russia Kostya Poliansky Balalaika Orch FolkDancer 2. Karapyet Russia DKornienko Kismet 3. Don Kosaken Chor Anonymous_Stenka Rasin 4. Don Kosaken Chor Anonymous Himbeererne 5. Don Kosaken Chor Tchaikowsky In Der Kirche Musopen online music library of copyright free/public domain music.
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