Bite Me Part 1

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Description: Bite Me is a parody full-length feature of the movie 'JAWS' directed by Steven Spielberg, based on the novel by Peter Benchley. It will be shown in 12 parts. Bite Me is my first film (other than a trailer for this movie) submitted to TMU. The movie is predominately made with The Movies and Stunts and Special Effects with some iClone 4 (which I purchased three weeks ago and have been integrating into some scenes) and edited with AVS movie software. It took one year to make. Special props and sets kudos to: Fraasmovies, Tarison, Ozman69, Marvellousguppimovies, 8eyedbaby, Pookashells, Sturk and DOJ. Also thanks to where I found many great props. The music in the film is by John Williams. A full list of credits runs at the end of Part 12. I hope you enjoy.
Categories: Horror Action