Underpants Man Saves Christmas!

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Description: Underpants Man Saves Christmas! Starring TheBiz as Santa Claus DebbieK as "Mrs" Claus Nahton as Officer Truncheon BiggsTrek as UPM & Drunk Roger as Thong Boy BiggsTrek as Professor Nibbler Fulkster as Nigel The Demon JetCityWoman as Dr Ferberger * Azure as Wedgina * Ken as General Dingleberry and BOXER as himself. With thanks to... Wolfzone, Warlord, Wil Veeke, Pat59(RL), Lord Ashes, BigBoss, Sen, SquirrelyGirl, Kurzal, Alley, BenjaminTuttle, Vidi, Apparition, Popeye and all the modellers at Trimble 3D Warehouse. Produced with... iClone 5, 3DXchange 5, Sketchup, Sony Vegas, Photoshop, Sony ACID Music and Sound by... Fulkster, YouTube (E's Jammy Jams), BiggsTrek, Freesound.org, Sarah Connor, Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com) Written and Directed by... BiggsTrek
Categories: Musical Fantasy Comedy