The Citizen's Cell Phone Patrol Pitch

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Description: A nearly lost Nahton Classic, never released on TMO. Can PowerPoint be funny? You’ll have to watch the “Citizen’s Cell Phone Patrol Pitch” to find out. This film is my nearly lost Stunts and Effects contest entry. I just pulled it off a computer that is going to be trashed. The goal of the contest was to produce a pitch for a movie that could be made with Stunts and Effects. It couldn’t be released on TMO because I put it together with The Movies and some freeware that converted PowerPoint presentations to video. There is so much wrong with it… bad sound quality, bad synchronizing between the audio the graphics and persistent microphone pops. Yeah, I bet you can’t wait to see it! Despite all that, I have to say it made me laugh watching it again after not seeing it in some time. OK, so that’s lame, I know but I bet I’ve aroused your curiosity. PowerPoint? Funny? You’ve got to be kidding me, right? No, I’m not! I am thinking that I have to find that freeware again because with outside editing the possibilities of incorporating this technique into a film again might be fun. Especially, with the capability to place video within a MovieStorm film. One final note; the Citizen’s will never walk their patrol as I finished in a tie for 4th with Zuckerman. The top 3 winners won laptops and made their movies. They had no clue how to work with The Movies or S&E and had to be schooled by the folks. Damn internet voting contests! Anyway, Intel (the sponsor) owns the rights and they haven’t contacted me to produce it. I guess they are just too preoccupied making computer chips or something.
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