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Description: 3 Aliens dock into Earth’s atmosphere. One Alien is transported down to Earth with the task to offer the first person he meets a chance to make a decision that could affect all of MANKIND I had been watching several of the old Twilight Zone episodes and was inspired to do a Sci-fi story, but also this story is more of a Sci-fi Drama. The story starts out a bit slow to set the pace and mood, but if you can weather through it, the FX kinda make up for it. Though I will admit, there is a movie out now, that I haven’t seen yet called The Box, which seems to have the same storyline of making a choice. But I think I was more influenced by watching the old Twilight Zone episodes when I wrote this. If you read between the lines in some of my stories, there will be a moral to the story and this one is about making the right decision at a crucial moment in life. It’s kinda like making a deal with the devil. The deal sounds good but usually backfires and doesn’t turn out like you thought it would, so if it sounds too good to be true…then it probably is. Spoiler (Read after watching the movie) Commentary: I tried to alter the 3 alien voices to give them each a different sound and it didn’t come out as I hoped. So that was a trial and error experiment. We learn as we go. Also you may notice the Southern accent in 2 of the 3 aliens. They are from the Southern side of the galaxy :) Sorry…I never notice my Southern accent when I talk, but I guess that’s what happens when your from the State of South Carolina. This time I did have an excellent voice actor to help me with playing the part of the young teen who ended up being the destroyer of Mankind. I can’t even begin to wonder why these aliens want to go around to different planets and coax individuals into pressing a button to blow up their own planet. They seemed genuinely upset about the destruction of Earth. I guess they just like blowing up things but don’t want to take the responsibility for the aftermath of their actions, therefore letting the responsibility fall on the person living on that planet who pressed the button.