The Husband

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Description: WARNING: Some may find the subject matter disturbing. Also, there is implicit sex and violence. (meaning neither sex nor violence is actually shown, but is contextual. No -- not consensual -- though it is that too. Contextual ;) ) We're calling it PG-13. And we don't need no steenking badges... -------------------------------------------------- I used machinima to explore the moment of one person's life in extreme crisis. I imagined the crisis at the point when that person's life began spiralling downhill at extreme velocity, and the seeming unreality of the events that follow... Additional details are available on the facebook page for this movie, if you're interested: The music used is from the album "Lush Mechanique" by Jami Sieber. It is available from the good folks at Magnatune: Check it out. I hope you like it. Thanks for watching...
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