TMO Celebrity Roast

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Description: This is another old movie, made in 2006 The Roast of 6-Headedmonster Inspired by DNR's TMO King's of Comedy Introducing the Roasters Kwistufa Benstudios1991 Riott007 Dnr Yeagmaster and Don Rickles also appearing A_N_D as Himself Ninette1 as Herself Myshinator as Stagehand MadMatt7G as Capt.Tourettes BudBundysMullet(JohnnyAce) as Announcer, Host, Kramer 6-Headedmonster as Himself, Ted Denson, Audience Member All roasters wrote their own material everything else written by: BudBundysMullet Created By: BudBundysMullet & 6-Headedmonster Directed By: 6-Headedmonster Mods & Overlays By: BudBundysMullet
Categories: Comedy