The Thread

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Description: By JimboWelcome You heard the horrifying news back when the Aussie Thread was closed. You watched Clive's news broadcast. Now, experience the full, unabridged story of the Aussie Thread in this new documentary from Visioncraft Pictures. Accompanied by some of TMO's most infamous Aussies, we'll go behind the scenes as we explore the rise and fall of what was arguably the most popular thread in the history of TMO. Join Kwistufa, Leora, Tarison and Ubernewbie as they re-enact the good old days of excessive spam and pointless discussions about sport down at the Aussie Thread. Experience the heartache of the thread's sudden and unexpected closure. Join in the brief, ultimately unsuccessful, but enthusiastic resistance movement that formed in the aftermath of the thread's untimely demise. If you ever had occasion to swing by the Aussie Studios thread, you'll laugh, cry and cheer your way through this story from beginning to end. The Thread: An Aussie Story Directed by Jimbo Welcome Starring Kwistufa, Leora, Tarison and Ubernewbie Musical score, based on Waltzing Matilda, shamelessly plagiarised by Jimbo Welcome Titles by Jimbo Welcome This is a Visioncraft Pictures production In association with Dropbear Entertainment
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