The Collective Syndicate - Intro Draft

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Description: Production for this movie is shelved right now as I'm currently focused on Requiem City Lockdown. In the meantime, here's an intro draft I made for another planned project which is a re-imagining of my early "The Killers" flicks. Although the story ideas are by me, much of the script dialogue was written by Jack Woodward so alot of credit goes to him. This draft also comes complete with subtitles for dialogue (as I'm a horrible voice actor, the finished movie will likely have real voice actors) and a 2:35:1 widescreen display. This can be seen as the first 9 or 10 minutes of what the film will offer, though things may change as time goes on. Mods: Lionhead Studios Overlay by Robert Low-Floor Blue Screen by Tarison and MarvelousGuppiMovies Near-Future Sets by Rik-Vargard Near-Future Sets as Props by Geoff-uk and Wailwulf Music: Opening Titles: Cruising Detroit '98 by PFM Bar Music 1: North West Three by Fatboy Slim Bar Music 2: 3 Kilos by The Prodigy Lexa's Ringtone: Girls by The Prodigy All music is owned by their rightful owners, and use of them in this movie is non-profitable gain.