Wilson Green: Farmerman and the Tomatoes of Justice

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Description: 2007 GAGA Nominee!! Best Comedy Best Small Studio Best Documentary Best Set Design A Rock and Roll Saga. Droll, dry, and slightly deviant...take another step into the World of Wilson Green as he entertains his nephew Timmy with a story of his dad's glory days. Nahton Studios is proud to present the second Wilson Green Monologue. Wilson is just a regular guy who hasn't so much lived life as he has been kicked around by it. Not quite the success he could have been, he nonetheless has more attitude then most of his ilk. He manages to survive and if not come out on top, at least come out somewhere not quite on the bottom. Thanks to thank God_of_Plague and the comedy club for running the "We Name it You Make it" competition that inspired me to make this film. I am only a couple of months late due to some technical problems and the Fable comp but the competition inspired me create this story. I want to thank all the modders who made this movie possible. Everytime I got an idea I found some way to put it on the screen thanks to their wonderful work. Guitar, Drums and Drumkit - BudBundysMullet and www.freewebs.com/6headedmonster Modern Bar, Pills, Child Prop - Fraasmovies Bluescreen- Tarison All Scenes- Danisky Turnip - Bricksfilms Music used with permission from Jamendo C Glen Williams - Better Then Human Signals - Jack Baby Human Signals - Oh Thumb! I can't say enough about the GREAT Human Signals! They performed 2 awesome songs and they fit the movie perfectly. Farmerman and the Turnips of Justice only wish they sounded that good. Thanks guys! Lastly, you will have to suspend some disbelief during the band sequences. After all Wilson is retelling the tale and sometimes he just forgets the drummer was there:-)
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