Ravenscroft Reads Phantasmagoria by Lewis Carroll

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Description: All seven cantos of Lewis Carroll's BEYOND BRILLIANT Victorian comic verse PHANTASMAGORIA as livelily performed by READ HEARINGS (Ravenscroft) who sat under an ancestral table with a SPANKING NEW Zoom H2n Handy Recorder to say all of these stupendous sentences - sometimes more than once (wince) - and then stitched the captured cacophony together with a very lovely old Syntrillium computer program called Cool Edit Pro 2.1 The outstanding rhyming poem relates an encounter between a human host and a (f(r)iendly) (pre Caspar) ghost and is likely to have informed a great many (pale(r)) imitations. It deserves to be far better known. It is NOT dull and has NO annoying parts about balancing snakes on noses and only touches lightly (and light-heartedly) on such vices as smoking, alcoholism, snobbery and violence. It in no way encourages the imbibification of any illegal (substandard) substances but rather sets the bar for what is jolly good stuff. Penned in 1869 - it remains FRESH and accessible to readers and listeners OF any age IN any age. If my audio expression of the work is unbearably irritating, you can mute it and just enjoy the text. The visuals were added, somewhat as an afterthought - in a BETTER THAN NOTHING STYLIEEEEE. I do not need you to tell me that the words are wonky and out of focus. Much of life is ; and what I am sharing here with you doth be the photographed and highlighted images that guided my garrulousness. If you make a different cover version of this classic, add it as a link ! Phantasmagoria Contents Canto I - The Trysting http://youtu.be/A1CZzlEmD2A?t=4s Canto II - Hys Fyve Rules http://youtu.be/A1CZzlEmD2A?t=5m10s Canto II - Scarmoges http://youtu.be/A1CZzlEmD2A?t=9m10s Canto IV - Hys Nouryture http://youtu.be/A1CZzlEmD2A?t=14m4s Canto V - Byckerment http://youtu.be/A1CZzlEmD2A?t=19m43s Canto VI - Discomfyture http://youtu.be/A1CZzlEmD2A?t=24m33s Canto VII - Sad Souvenaunce http://youtu.be/A1CZzlEmD2A?t=29m38s
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