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Description: "The earth is hungry. It's heart throbs and demands cleansing... the earth is also thirsty..." Paradise, AZ Zack Hunter is starting to have the worst day of his life. His job is going nowhere, he's behind on his taxes, and his relationship is going downhill. As if it can't get any worse than it is, something happens that tops it all off. Fed up with the direction his life is going, he has had enough. Donning a black jacket, sunglasses, and some firearms, he's about to go on an unforgettable killing spree... and no one will be safe from his wrath. Taking a break from Herbert West and Lovecraft, director Joe Harp takes the cult video game series of the same name and unleashes one of the most brutal and sadistic movies ever made. "Blessed are the meek... for they make easy targets!" STARRING: Rick Hunter (Postal 1 Sound Bytes) - Zack Hunter/Postal Dude Bella - Faith Jake - Rick 6-Headed Monster - Vince JosephKW - Blither Uber - IRS Representative EpicHeart - Repo Man Victor Cabrera - Cop Wolfpred - Dr. Greg Kwistufa - Dr. John WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY JOE HARP BASED ON THE CULT VIDEO GAME OF THE SAME NAME BY RUNNING WITH SCISSORS
Categories: Horror Action Drama