Odd Jobs chapter one

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Description: (A revised vervion of the origional) A tiny little film about the madness of the future and a pajama clad, reluctant, dazed and lazy hero named Randall, whose had it with his compulsive dreaming. It's TO BE CONTINUED... (Please comment) (Here are some comments from the origional that convinced me to update and polish my work with VO's and custom music by The six-headed monster. 19 hours ago Posted by: SquirePD ( 1 Videos: | 0 Favorites | 1 Friends) The plot totaly lost me. It seemed like one of those dreams you have and when you wake up the whole thing didnt make sense. Reply to this 4 days ago Posted by: walgrover ( 1 Videos: | 0 Favorites | 0 Friends) Thanks for all the smart comments guy's. I'll make sure to include custom music and voice overs for Odd jobs chapter two. Reply to this 4 days ago Posted by: thebiz ( 15 Videos: | 33 Favorites | 32 Friends) Seemed like an interesting premise and I likedthe overall vibe and the pajama guy. However, all of the subtitle fonts used in the Movies except for the default one end up being hard to read. With the abundance of dialogue at the bar, they passed a bit fast and I couldnt quite follow what was going on because I was struggling to read the subs. I didnt mind the stock music but it didnt really bring much to the table except perhaps a level of cheese. Enjoyed the set dressing of the early scenes. Reply to this 4 days ago Posted by: JohnnyEx ( 11 Videos: | 0 Favorites | 81 Friends) It was OK. But if ya added custom music and voiceover it could be a lot better. There are lotsa people here to help. Good luck with future projects. Welcome to TMU.
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