The Comedian

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Description: By Colingaiser "Archaic Award" Winner For BEST COMEDY! "The Comedian"---a not-so-epic comedy extravaganza starring Anothernewdawn! Poor high school student Charlie Krystowski has a dream—a dream to be a successful comedian. The only problem is, no matter how hard Charlie tries, he simply cannot be funny! Every day he pulls A-list stunts and tells uproarious jokes, but alas, no one will laugh—not even in pity.. That is, until Charlie enters the school talent show… This film is not "Ha Ha" funny, nor "Heh heh" funny, and certainly not "Ho ho ho" funny. It's the type of comedy that's supposed to make you smile, then cringe, then smile again. Don't expect a laugh fest out of this, but do expect to come away with moral integrity and radical right wing values that will influence you for the rest of your, just kidding about that last one. Directed by colingaiser Narrated by Anothernewdawn Other VOs (including monologue) by colingaiser It's been 4 busy, stressful, and tedious months since I released my last film. In that time, I've come up with oodles of fresh, new ideas ripe for TMO. You could call this film my could call it my rebirth...or, you could just call it a damn good comedy. MUSIC CREDITS (I apoligize, Jazz): Jeremiah Gaiser (comedy funk, synth comedy beat) If this is your movie and you would like it removed please let us know.
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