Woodlawn (Fake Trailer)

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Description: Created For Mefune Akira's Trailer Competition 2010 Required Lines: - Honestly, it's not my gerbil! - If you love me, you won't do this. - Shut your pile hole son and start shooting! - Dammit! I said cut the blue one not the green! - They're dead! They're all dead! Cast: Cody - FallenThomas Josh - Hotwax Cody's Dad - Tinman TV Character 1 - Kwistufa TV Character 2 - Fospherous TV Character 3 - Ben Tuttle Music: Happiness: We're In This Together - This Will Destroy You My Mind Is A Birdcage - Suis La Lune I Need To Experience The Ultimate - ...Who Calls So Loud East Hastings - Godspeed You! Black Emperor Static - Godspeed You! Black Emperor Mods: 6HeadedMonster Frenhofer Walvince MikeDBoing Rysto DarkWolf176