Native Settlement

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Description: This little scene is an experiment with lighting, sound, and motion in iClone. The aim of this short was to create a film that harmoniously uses an original soundtrack, presents a centerpiece item, involves a character doing a motion in its presence, and include a natural and 'cluttered' background. Several items in this were made by me, while several others were template based. As this was my first attempt at making a cohesive score, I followed my general orchestral technique to create a feel that was both proud yet humble. Also a featured item is a 'cloud layer'- a sphere inside of a sphere, the outer having an image of the sky while the inner has a video clip of clouds with opacity, something I rigged up using After Effects. This was inspired by Gabe (Anima Technica), who made a tutorial that showed use of a stationary image with opacity being slowly rotated. My attempt has clouds that 'grow and disintegrate'. Tomorrow I will hopefully post a video just of the cloud layer and a bit more about the process, plus a release date for a project file containing the clouds feature. Questions, critique, and comments are most welcome.
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