UNS Jupiter Episode 1

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Description: Movie by Spaceman72. Originally released July 21, 2007. It's the year 2372. Humankind lives at peace for over 15 years. Until now! ***Please be patient, the movie is in HD, so it's big! ;)*** This is the first Episode of my Scifi-Series "U.S.N. Jupiter". The U.S.N. Jupiter is the latest battleship of the United Space Navy. During the first test run Earth is under attack by an unknown alien race. Can Admiral Garret and his crew repel the attack? Find it out in this new SciFi-Series! Starring: k4wonzall as Admiral Garret artorious as Cpt. Tallman sisch as Lt. Jones riott007 as Lt. Waters ubernewbie as Lt. Brooks Goofparade as Lt. Yakami Yodabob as Ensign "Rookie" B. Hurt cruise1970 as Ensign Conway kwistufa as GySgt. Norris Guest Starring: Myshinator as Alice Tallman Shyshy as H.Q. Officer There is a little error in the credits of the movie. Yodabob plays the role of Ensign B. Hurt and Goofparade the role of Lt. Yakami. Sorry! Soundtrack by me made with Magix Music Maker Deluxe and one theme by Meowan. The song "I see" by Tyrad at the end of this episode is under public domain and can be found at "www.opsound.org". Mods used by: Dr House, Tarison, Daninsky, Frenhofer, Fraas and by me. *****23th July 2007: Number One in the overall charts and also in the scifi-charts!*****
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