Shadows of the West

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Description: After killing the man responsible for the death of her husband, Katherine must try to escape her past and start afresh. With bounty hunters and the notorious General Fox on her tail, she soon finds herself travelling with a kindly outlaw couple, the infamous Shadows of the West. However, she soon realises that with every action comes a consequence, and her past won't be so easily forgotten... SHADOWS OF THE WEST ------------------- Written by MacWemyss & BenTuttle90 Directed by BenTuttle90 Music by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Ennio Morricone, and Carter Burwell --------------------------------- CAST ------------------- Ellie MacWemyss K4 Snowfender MikeDBoing WackyAl3000 BlazeLeeDragon BenTuttle90 SaxyGirl08 Mustachio26 Allpoint ActiveStudios TehPoptartKid Fospherous ------------------ MODS -------------------- Tarison Dr. House Darkwolf Marvellous guppi Rysto Sexymaria Samyhouse Daninisky Ben Tuttle Frenhofer Attypik 6hm FraasMovies MelGhoul _______________ Visual Effects ----------------- Fallout 3 Video Co Pilot __________________________ Sound Effects Freesound Soundsnap Hollywood Edge Fallout 3 Lucasfilm Sony