Henderson Episode #1

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Description: In this new action packed series "Henderson" tells the story of two longtime friends who stop into the town of Henderson to buy a drink. Sadly they are bound to be targeted by a corrupt and ticked off sheriff named Ned Bisley. Henry Javik's poker winnings are questioned and a fight ensues,ending with Henry's buddy Jonny Swin tossing the sheriff through a window. Now fugitives from the law Henry and Jonny Find Themselves on the run from a growing number of enemies!! Each episode will be posted every saturday here's the list. 11-1: Episode 1 Just One Drink 11-7: Episode 2 Bounty Hunters (will be uploaded on Friday Night) 11-15:Episode 3 The Hunted Hunters 11-22:Episode 4 War in The West 11-19:Episode 5 Escape 12-6: Season Finale: The Way To The Ozarks Rated TV-14 For Strong Language Violence Drug Use
Categories: Action Westerns Drama