Outlaws of the Bog

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Description: By MrSmithee (If this is your movie and you would like it removed, please contact us) I was in labor for two months, giving birth to this illegitimate child of Quentin Tarantino and Chuck Palahniuk. Loosely based on Shi Nai'an's ancient Chinese novel (Outlaws of the Marsh), Outlaws of the Bog chronicles the life of Jon Song and his descent into the criminal underworld. Or does it? I encourage you to ask yourself throughout the film what loneliness is, what slavery is. Is Jon Song a bad human or just a bad father? Starring. . . Dulci as Jan Song MrSmithee as Jon Song and Officer #2 Glen Golub as The Black Whirlwind and Chao Gai David Johnson as Officer #1 and Officer #3 Alison Whitam as Outlaw #1 Derk Gershell as Outlaw #2 and ReadPlease as Cary the Cyborg Bartender Outlaws of the Marsh (also called "The Water Margin Chronicles" and "All Men are Brothers") was completed sometime in the mid-16th century. It contained 100 chapters (although some editions are made up of 120 chapters) and detailed the exploits of a historical bandit, Song Jiang and his thirty-six companions in the South Song Period. According to legend, Song and his followers were a group of outlaws who challenged the emperor and eventually surrendered to the government in 1119 AD. Stories of their adventures were passed on for generations, but it was not until about 200 years later that a novel was produced that chronicled these stories in detail. The government occasionally banned the book because its heroes disobeyed the laws and and did not respect the emperor. Government officials who were found with the novel were forced to pay a fine or lost their position altogether. A more detailed explanation of the novel can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Water_Margin All music courtesy of Newgrounds. Custom sound effects provided by Absolute Sound Effects Archive. Special thanks to AxeCinema for the female yellow jumpsuit, Dylen for the male yellow jumpsuit, Daninsky for the two-piece catsuit, 6-headedmonster for the blood puddle prop, DirectorAdam90 for the rainbow fog, FraasMovies for the tent prop, Ozman69 for the Oriental archway prop, MelGhoul for the suburban street set and for the weather and lightmaps for the minicity set, Rik-Vargard for the near future bombed street set, and msaeluk for the ceiling fan overlay. I can't find the future subway station set or black eyes on 8-EyedBaby or XTM. If you know who created them, please tell me so I can give credit.