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Description: So, the grayskull Sequel comes to an end. hopefully you have enjoyed watching this one just as much as i have enjoyed putting it together. massive thanks go out to the cast, who as always were incredible. here is a rundown of everyone who was involved in the various parts: Adam / He man: Joseph Kw Keldor / Skeletor: Johnny Ex Hordak: Orky Battlecat: Tinman Evil lynn/ Teela: Bella Sorceress: Dulci Trapjaw: Mustachio 26 Adora/ She Ra: Afterthought Buzz off: Marine 101 Webstor: Macwemyss Duncan: 6HM Zodak: Jazzx Randor: fospherous tri clops/ orko/ mer man/ Beastman: Goofparade Castle Grayskull model by bud bundys mullet. enjoy the finale, and let me know your thoughts! mick