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Description: Released early for a dedication to my brother who is having a kidney transplant tonight. I really hope everything goes well. U952 is my take on the Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, XI:XV, etc. And just like a real horror movie, there is barely a story. CAST ZCK_Legend pookashells (heavily butchered) MODS Living Room by ? Blue Screen 11er by Tarison Tunnel prop by pookashells Tunnel set by pookashells Flashlight overlay by rileyman (remixed by pookashells) REC overlays by pookashells Zombie Makeup by MrPoe Headless Latex Head by BusStopWilly AA Rat props by gleem Missing eyes makeup by samyhouse SFX Sounddogs Sound Effects Studio Pro freesoundproject.com soundsnap SPECIAL THANKS TO ZCK_Legend styndysn
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