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Description: A young boy hacks in to an agency’s mainframe database and downloads top secret documents. A satellite tracks his location and an interrogator named Stitch is sent to his house to learn what he knows and determine the liability. This is my most eerie story I think I’ve made so far. Although I usually think of something else I could have added in with the story…I am pretty happy the way this turned out. I know everybody doesn’t always take notice, but the ZS Eyes Content Pack are awesome and make the characters stand out more. Thanks Overman. Commentary: (Spoilers: Read only after watching the movie) I thought it was kind of humorous that the boy was going to list the information he stole on ebay. If you paid attention…some of the info he downloaded was on UFO’s, Cloning technology, and Armageddon. How often do you search ebay and run across a great auction like that with that kind of valuable info? Did you notice the smoking scene? It was meant to be serious but ended up being comical because the man coughs from all of the lung killer he is inhaling. I’m a hater on smoking and against promoting it…however it is pretty intimidating sometimes when someone is staring you down with something on fire extended from his mouth and smoke rising all around him. When the phone call wakes up Stitch’s sleep, the picture frame of the pentagram in the beginning of the scene is meant to represent that Stitch may be in league with the devil. Notice in the story, he doesn’t do anything but do the talking and has other people do his bidding. He just makes sure the job gets done.
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