The Dark Ride

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Description: Come one! Come all! Step right up for the ride of your life! It's scary! It's shocking! You may never come out alive. Step right up! Only two tickets! A young couple enjoys a fun romantic date at the carnival! They swear they've been on every ride. But there seems to be one they have forgotten about; The Haunted House Ride. With two tickets left they ride thinking its all fun and games. We've all gone to the yearly carnival or fair haven't we? We've all been on the haunted house ride haven't we? Well this haunted house ride isn't like any other! Everything Looks So Real! Please remain seated and keep all body parts inside the car at all times. Enjoy the Ride! MODS: Fraas-railroad Pookashells-scarecrow([be polite!]ing love that thing) Jimbowelcome-prison props customs props courtesy of
Categories: Horror