A Touch of Poison- Fake Trailer

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Description: I was deciding if I should release this or not, due to the large amount of the freaking Batman material lately... ah well. It's a mock trailer I made a couple days ago for laughs- I don't have much interest in making it, plus my plate is full. SRibb0ns provides the voice of Ivy, which I think she did a wonderful job. *A little info about Poison Ivy- I did create somewhat of a story behind this. *She wears lipstick laced with ricin and several other toxins. *Trained by Lady Shiva, she can kill with her bare hands if she needs to. *In charge of an all female group dedicated to preserving a small patch of rain forest in Brazil using extreme methods, such as murder. *Has a past with Gotham City, spending most of her childhood there, she comes back to see the places she once loved as a child crumble and over run with plant life. Mods by Tarison, Dr. House, Rysto, Myself, Darkwolf, Jess Franco, MikeDBoing, Attypik, and Steve45. Music by Hans Zimmer, sound by FreeSound, Sound Snap, and Fallout.
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