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Description: "From the Halls of the Vatican to the Runways of Truth, we are there. The Climax. The hive has been cleansed. The source of the corruption has been corked, laid in a body bag and dragged to the outskirts of existence. When it's done, let the gods sort it out." It has been two months since Zack Hunter, The Postal Dude, had caused a massacre in Paradise. Now, he has wound up in a coma after a gunfight with the police and has been put in an insane asylum. After he wakes up, and does a little "Target practice", he is broken out by a doomsday cult led by his Uncle Dave. While trying to hide out and survive, he is being hunted by an ex-cop looking to avenge the death of her sister. After a year and a half of production, Joe Harp finally manages to bring out his largest machinima to date. Uping the ante on the action and violence, Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend is most likely to be quite an unforgettable experience. CAST Rick Hunter (Sound clips) - Zack Hunter/The Postal Dude Savannah Reynolds - Jackie Melvoy Stray - Richard Koresh Ben Tuttle - Mike Ken White - Uncle Dave Kera Hildebrandt - Jennifer Joseph Kwong - Blither Hoffman Joe Harp - Claude Schneider Bella - Faith Melvoy Wolfpred - Dr. Greg Spencer Kwistufa - Dr. John Psylentknight - Disgruntled Orderly Mrs_Malfoy22 - Gayle Ravinson Kittykat8587 -Nervous Fan DeeDeeHarwood - Nurse Joe Harp - Cooter Joe Harp - Otis Programs used The Movies: Stunts & Effects iClone 4.31 Music by Various Artists Based on the video game series by Running with Scissors Written and Directed by Joe Harp
Categories: Action Comedy Drama