The Only Alien on the Planet: Part One

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Description: Seventeen year old Virginia Christianson, aka Ginny, moves to a new home with her parents shortly after her older brother, Paul, moves out for college. It is there that she meets Caulder, her next door neighbor and classmate. Together they team up to solve the mystery of Smitty Tibbs. The boy who never speaks, never cries, never reacts to anyone. But soon Ginny realizes that the closer they get to Smitty, the more harm than good they seem to do to him. With the voice talents of: DutchHamlet as Smitty Bella as Ginny MADasinger as Caulder Yvedt as Hally Dulci as Mrs Tibbs Act3Scene24 as Mr. Tibbs and Russell Sisch as the Doctor Mayra as the Teacher Nanten and Bella as the Students Re posted because I have two new voice actors, Dulci as Mrs. Tibbs and MADasinger as Caulder. Some scenes were done differently also... Enjoy!
Categories: Romance Drama