Oh, Mr. Porter! Chase Scene (no "ads")

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Description: If any of you have ever seen "Oh Mr Porter!", you might agree with me that it is a good, funny movie for train-lovers. If you have not, however, this will be a small window into it. (It's on Dailymotion if you want to see it.) That's why I wanted to make a half-decent version of the seven minute long chases scene at one time. I had an idea - not really a plan but an idea. I thought I'd make the parts needing actors in "The Movies", and the locomotive sections in Trainz. And that I did - somewhat. When you go to try to make a project like this, you find out very wuickly just how limited "The Movies" actually is. Not just in terms of sets, props, and costumes, but also - especially - in what your actors can do. And as for Trainz? I would have done more with that. In fact, I have all of the engines set up for filming - for the most part. I'm just too lazy to make the rest. But what I did manage to film I decided to edit together to make some sort of a unfinished, compressed, crappy version of the chase scene. (It also gave me a chance to exhibit my reskin of MSTNoodle's Lady into Gladstone, and my Movies characters of Will Hay, Graham Moffett, and Marriot Moore, who played Will Porter, Albert Brown the pudgy porter, and Harbottle the grizzled stationmaster's assistant respectively.) One could say, on the bright side, it doesn't give away the ending and spoil the movie for newcomers. But that's not much of a fair trade is it? Well, I do hope you enjoy this despite my shoddy attempt.
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