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Description: This is a \"mock-up\". The dialog, has been ripped from the video game. The footage is not final and neither is the dialoge, this is just a proof of concept. This is a primer for anyone unfamiliar with the original film. The story will be filmed and released in episodes. I hope to have the first episode out sometime in 2011, if not sooner. Please leave your comments Filmed by Boomwolf Edited By Boomwolf and Floydier Music And audio effects By Floydier Costumes by the \"Homecoolmod's \" Werecool Sets and props from the wonderful modders of 8eyedbaby, too many to keep track of! (see ur mod and let me know, i'll be sure to give you deserved credit!) Story written by Boomwolf and Werecool The Thing 2 is based on John Carpenter's \"The Thing\", The 2011 Prequel of the same name, (\"The Thing\") And the original short story \"Who Goes There?\" By science fiction writer John W. Campbell. All trademarks copyright to their owners.