Blood and Honour Part 1

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Description: Movie by ProKanada. Released Feb 2006. Gay Nazis!, now that I’ve got your attention, a word of caution: This movie will NOT appeal to everybody, nor should it! Yes, it IS a movie about gay nazis to some extent, but not in a “nazis are gay" or “gays are all nazis" kind of way. This is part 1 of a 3-part movie; parts 2 and 3 are already done but had to be split, since my damn computer couldn’t process the entire movie at once. Part 1 seems to have found acceptance, so a BIG THANKS to those who took the time to watch and review it. I've re-done the sound and uploaded it again; this version is infinitely better than the first, though the voices get a bit out of sync in the last few minutes.
Categories: Action Drama
Tags: Nazi blood