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Description: Odyssey Season One: Episode Six - "Secrets and Shadows" Whilst on shore leave, Leyland is given a mission to locate a missing person… and meets a familiar face with some revelations that have dire consequences for the Alliance… Featuring the voice talents of:- Afterthought - Sarah Crosbie Anim8tor Cathy - Rosalyn Leyland Bella - Professor Tanya Drake BlazeLee Dragon - Gordon Drake/David Leyland JetCityWoman - Captain Danielle Crosbie Guest Stars Chris62 - Acolyte JohnnyEx - Acolyte/Dark One Mustachio26 - Ghost Special Guest Stars Kuroken - Admiral Donald Carpenter Jase180 - Nicholas Van Meyer/Kovenaar and featuring Sisch performing "Fly Me To The Moon". Missing caption after the opening credits and some sound issues (volume of the backing track for some reason, despite adjustment; bleedin’ annoying…)
Categories: Science Fiction