The Open Mind

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Description: By Quotius The Open Mind can only be defined by genre "horror" I think its more of a psychological horror. Its the story of a man who is suddenly given a gift that he wasn't expecting. I wrote this story a little while back (at least 5 or 6 years) sometime later they released "The Cell (J-lo!)" ( that shared some very similar themes. Interesting since I was writing to a site endorsed by Francis Ford Coppola at the time ( )I kinda wonder if putting your ideas up to sites like that isn't just asking to be plagorised ;) (Here too I guess!) I think it quite went well, though there were a few things that bugged me, I had to truncate the narrative because I made the actual film to short. I hope the theme of the story is maintained, but fear its maybe lost a little something in the transition from story to screen. Many thanks for the music that came from and for the sound effects that came from a few sites, and some of which required heavy work to get sounding quite right! Incidentally I noticed a lot of problems with the sound, personal criticism on myself is that I should have spent more time balancing the S-FX so that the VO could be clearer. I also worked between audacity and just using the ingame voice recording but even with using audacity and levelling everything, some of the VO was louder than other bits. I guess its just a nuance one has to work with. Thanks for all the great reviews. I'm really glad people like it. If this is your movie and you would like it removed please contact us.