The Life Of The Living Nightmares

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Description: "The Life Of The Living Nightmares" - Plot Synopsis Professional undead haunting company 'The Living Nightmares' have successfully haunted living people away from the property of the undead for generations. Where many others have failed, the team with their masterfully calculated and tactical approach have gone centuries haunting all kinds of living people in all sorts of places. Never having failed a haunting before, the frightening team of three monsters find themselves in uncharted territory, as they attempt to haunt a group of wild and out-of control partying college students away from a share house - The Caire Manor - which belongs to Caire the undead Phantom who desperately seeks the aid of the team. With only a few days to complete the haunting, the team all of a sudden find themselves challenged by the college students. With failure meaning certain damnation by the unforgiving CEO of the company - the Head Mistress; the team must challenge themselves for the first time in generations in order to succeed. Mike Joseph as Count Drake Patrick "Bu" Kobiela as Zorko TheBiz as Dr. Death Matthew Curtis as Pete Jones Jason Paradis as Mr. Stone Tamiko as The Head Mistress Eva as Myrtle Smochi as Jacinta Stephanie Gooch as Lucy Andy as Adam FULL CREDITS IN FILM
Categories: Horror Comedy