You Cant Do That!

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Description: Movie by sphinx86. Originally released Feb 22, 2006. It is random as hell and will leave you asking yourself "Why was I laughing at that?". Well if doesn't make you laugh it will make you smile atleast once. I have created a billion custom backdrops, a few custom characters, and a million weird VOs. It is also filled with my wonderful dialogue :) A special thanks to 6-Headed Monster and Seanyspeilberg for their assistance on this film :) WARNING: -May cause loss of clothing. -If you are a brick wall, refrain from watching. -This movie contains some strong language, racial humour, and many more things that may offend you. -If you're offended, refrain from reviewing. -May cause second head or back-arm -Warning not applicable in Canada Yes, I know. My English accent isn't that great :) It was sort of a failed imitation of Vinnie Jones from Eurotrip lol
Categories: Comedy