Tara Flame and the Star Sceptre (Tweaked Version II)

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Description: [This is a revised version of a film I've put up previously- didn't change much except a subtitle font, and had to take down the graphic quality.] "A legend from beyond the stars- a heroine for all time" Global Film Company decided to respond to a renewed interest in science fiction (and their own struggling fortunes) by reviving 30s sci-fi heroine Tara Flame for an all new adventure. Luke Richards had worked on several B pictures for the studio, but this was his biggest production to date, and casting established stars like McDaid (of THE OLDER WOMAN and THE JONESES), Taylor (the GORO series), and Scheider helped assuage their fears about the risk involved. The success of the film led to further Tara Flame adventures and Global Film Company's renewed emphasis on glossy genre spectacles in the coming decade. Based on characters created by Alex Skidmore Written for the screen and directed by Luke Richards Released December, 1979 Note: The "laser sheath" effect on Tara Flame's vibro-knife comes courtesy either of Rogue's "Bloody Knife" mod or Busstopwilly's "Knife-in-Head" mod. Possibly both.
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