Friends vs Foes 5: Space Invasion (3D Movie Maker)

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Description: Again, I'm only uploading these to expand my TMU channel. This is the last one thankfully. I can upload much better stuff when I have time on my hands. Here it is, the last, longest and most likely the most retarded installment in the Friends and Foes series. Man, this one is crazy. Most of the thing is set in outer space this time, and makes even less sense than ever before. For some bizarre reason I decided to set this one after the third instead of the fourth, god knows when the fourth takes place then. I think the guy flying around in the beginning is supposed to be swimming underwater. If you thought previous films did bad at trying to have an understandable plot, you're in for a surprise. Hell, this entry is so stupid I don't even know how to sum it up. Logic is just completely thrown out of the window here. SPOILER: Giant cats and dogs, cars driving up ladders, giant farts, repetitive kung fu fights, moving coffins and much more. It doesn't get any sillier than this people, I shit you not. About half-way through, I also completely stole a scene from a default movie called Space and the only changes I made was adding the film's main characters there (one must wonder how they ended up there in the first place). I suppose these movies were good for the age that I made them but looking back on them is a bit embarrassing. These movies are just grim, they really are. Hope you enjoy my final commentary though. Hard to believe that 10 years later while making these films, I'd be uploading them to a video site that didn't exist at the time, commenting on how bad they were. I did have a sixth installment planned for this (possibly with more violence) but it never went through. It probably would have been a hoot.