Shadows Of Fire: Line Between Black and White

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Description: Part one of the LBBW, G'Char the first newly elected President of the Coalition Alliance, shares his doubts with his friend and remineces of a past he only wishes to forget. Starring: G'Char - Jorge Carlos Myself - Poulet Noir Fur'til - Fulkster J'Tala - Lucinda McNary Admiral Nataka - AngryBlack Colonel Hane - Alonzo11208 Officer #1 - Alonzo11208 Music: Sadness and Sorrow v3 - BlazingDragon {B.A.B}Ready for War - BlackAttackBitch Trinity Theme - CCP Debilitated Thoughts - Cue94 Chopin-Military Polonaise - Esjuer I have come to find that, during conversion the video tends to get darker, hopefully I can find a remedy to the situation. Also the sound can be a bit loud and soft during certain times, hopefully by the next part this too can be remedied. Anyways enjoy!