Cheyenne Trailer

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Description: This is the trailer for my newest movie Cheyenne with the voice talents of: Bezzer Josephkw Tfoster iiclone macwemyss The Monk rjb2112 raved Kuroken Shoshi BenTuttle90 JazzX JetCityWoman Biggstrek Kit06 Asa.Oleary123 Squirrelygirl Alex2112 This story is about a guy (Tfoster) who has moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming with his wife (JetCityWoman) since he got a new job. Except on his first day, the office place blows up from a terrorist attack. So Al (Tfoster) as well as his boss (The Monk) try to find their way out since they're trapped in the building. Movie is still in production and is coming out soon. A jakechief and Scooterdam Production. Music by: bruscar5 Alan400 Jamespetts Thanks and enjoy Movie coming out this spring
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