KLOWN...pure H o r r o r

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Description: Klown…A good stormy night horror story Synopsis: A girl is asked to baby-sit one evening. Once there at the home she is babysitting, she notices a life size clown doll sitting in a chair in one of the daughter’s bedroom. It seems so real and life like and gets an eerie feeling being alone with it in the house. Can she make it through the evening until the parents get back home? Don’t watch this by yourself or late at night… Commentary: I have to say that I was inspired by the opening scene of the older and ORIGINAL movie called When a stranger calls back when I wrote this …(the first 15 minutes of the movie is enough to really scare a person). They remade the movie recently but it’s not as good as the original. In addition, my idea came from this true story…A few years ago, I did a documentary on a demon possessed doll and named the video demon doll and I uploaded it on YouTube. It was so shocking that I got a lot of grief and threatening comments and then finally had to disable the comment section. You may ask…why is Klown killing the babysitters. If you remember the mother saying her daughter felt like it was watching over her. So the Klown felt like his space was being moved in on as her protector and eliminates anything coming in to his territory.
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