Do You Like Josephkw Movies?

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Description: Nominated for BEST COMEDY AWARD in the 2009 TMU OLLIES!!! Also nominated for 5 Jakechief Awards: Best Picture, Best Comedy, Best Plot, Best Props and Best Male Voice Actor (Josephkw). Thanks for the nominations folks! :) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Well, here it is, my tribute to the legendary Josephkw. Written almost a year ago, finally I've been able to finish what I started. Hope you enjoy it :) Credits: starring Josephkw Howitzer Asaoleary123 BenTuttle90 Rik_Vargard Dulci and Macwemyss Music MilkMan-Dan Denny Schneidemesser Kevin McLeod and Reasoner Mods Mr Rainbow Special thanks to Josephkw for his continued help and support concerning this project Dulci, for choosing to forgive me and remain on board with the project. The film wouldn't have been the same without you :) written and directed by Macwemyss Enjoy! :)
Categories: Mystery Comedy